Who we are

We are your advisory partner in B-TIPS providing value propositions, with 20+ years of experience in key verticals. Our domain expertise is in Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Transportation.

Our approach with Project Management, Business Process Management, Agile-Lean Methodologies enables us to deliver rapid results across all levels of business.

We leverage analytics and best practices to efficiently streamline your organization to produce sustainable business outcomes. These outcomes provide support to people, processes, and technology as one of our core objectives in collaborating with your organization to address your next business endeavor.

Our Pledge to our Clients

Quality – We bring the expertise and a quality process to achieve all your professional goals. We will adapt, evolve, and continuously improve in pursuit of excellence.

Communication – We provide an experience based on trusted relationships and transparency. We will create an open and honest dialogue.

Understanding – We seek to understand the complexity of your organization and any challenges you are currently facing. We will work closely with you on a solution.

Innovation – We will optimize resources to be the preferred choice and cost effective option for your company.

Mission statement

Our focus is on providing advisory consulting services for business transformations, innovations and project-process management with excellence through strategies and solutions.